Contextual Foundations of Mental Health Nursing 

Contextual Foundations of Mental Health Nursing 

1. Explore the historical, traditional and contemporary mental health narratives and discourses that
shape the evolution of mental health services and nursing 
2. Examine the historical and ongoing impact of discriminatory practice on marginalised groups
within mental health service  
3. Apply and ecological model to explore factors that contribute towards mental health wellbeing
and mental disorders  
4. Compare and contrast different mental health nursing practice models
5. Apply mental health and mental health nursing theories to inform practice. 
1. Critically evaluate models of care relevant to consumer’s needs and goals 
3. Interrogates risk and safety from the basis of person-centred care, social protection and legal,
moral and ethical judgement 
9. Critically appraises the nature and extent of influences (social, political, economic and
organisation) to address constraints in care 
12. Reports individual world views and enhances critical thinking to challenge own and other’s
13. Engages with information technology and demonstrates effective written communication  
This is a PASS/FAIL portfolio, however, you do have the opportunity to re-submit, if required. Once
you have submitted your assessment, if you are required to re-submit, there will be a request in
your portfolio grade area, for further information. 
To access where your portfolio information should be stored and then submitted, you will find a link
after this page called 'access your portfolio'. This will take you to the submission area for the
portfolio for this unit.


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