Discuss memorandum on theories and data

Discuss memorandum on theories and data

Memorandum on Theories and Data
In Chapter 3 of Crime Prevention, Elliott & Fagin indicate that crime prevention programs and approaches for law enforcement have largely drawn from deterrence theories and rational choice theories. Specifically, Elliott & Fagin state that “deterrence and rational choice theories have been the main theoretical perspectives guiding crime prevention, particularly as undertaken by law enforcement agents. Elliott & Fagin (2017) explore routine activities theory and discuss life course theories, which include strain theory, social learning theory, social control theory, and integrated theory. Elliot & Fagan (2017) also review connections between theory and data in Chapter 3.

In this assignment, you will create a three-part memorandum for your supervisor in which you research a crime prevention program or a strategy for a crime prevention program, utilizing the format of an annotated bibliography. You will then assess the effectiveness of the crime prevention program or strategy and consider how theories may provide context for approaches to crime prevention.


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