Discuss on the Media Portrayal of Mental Illness

Discuss on the Media Portrayal of Mental Illness

This assessment relates to the following Learning Outcomes:
1. Analyse the influence of hidden, unconscious and ingrained ideologies that constrain
consumer participation.
2. Differentiate between the ideal and the reality in relation to consumer’s voice in mental
health care.
4. Critically evaluate the visibility of consumer participation and the application of recovery
in a mental health service.
To critically analyse the way in which the media portrays consumer involvement in mental
health and illness.

1. Identify recent media reports detailing mental illness or people who have mental illness.
2. Describe the way this media report has portrayed ingrained ideologies that may influence how
society views people with mental illness.
3. Using up to date peer reviewed literature, analyse the influence that the media and these
ideologies have on consumer participation, empowerment and the consumer voice.
4. Include a synthesis of your paper that describes at least four major ‘take home’ lessons that have
been evident from engagement with the report. A suggestion would be to include these insights
immediately prior to your conclusion.


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