Marketing Question- Brand community.

Marketing Question- Brand community.

You should choose your essay topic from one of the following questions:

  • What are the key characteristics of a brand community? Discuss these characteristics in relation to a brand community of your choice and with particular emphasis on the rituals and symbols that bind community members to each other. Your answer should show how this brand community engenders loyalty for the brand, as well as outlining the advantages and disadvantages of brand communities more generally for marketers.
  • What makes us consume the way we consume? One answer is that our consumption becomes a reflection of who we are and that we use it as an element in how we express who we are. Examine one of your own consumption practices and, by using the literature, explain what this consumption practice says about you, your class identity, your cultural background, or any other collective identity you identify with, as well as your understanding of yourself. Also seek to critically reflect on this consumption practice, who gains from your expression of self? Who is this consumption available to and why?


The essay MUST draw on and refer to the course material: this is important. You have studied a course and the essay must reflect your engagement with and understanding of the course content. The essay will also earn additional credit for referring appropriately to other published academic work. It must show evidence that you have understood the course material, and also that you can build on the material to develop your own arguments. Arguments must be logically and clearly expressed and supported with evidence, citations to other work and careful reasoning. The essay must be fully referenced Harvard style.

Important criteria for assessment

  • Overall: Answering the question(s); knowledge and understanding of theory and literature; knowledge and reference to appropriate cases and evidence; and analysis and structure.
  • Data: Draw upon the suggested readings indicated for each lecture and workshop, as well as seeking out and using additional apposite material including case study examples.
  • Logic and coherence: Introduce the topic, e.g. presenting an overview and indicating the key theoretical and empirical points that will cover the topic or validate your argument. The core of the assignment or exam question answering should then investigate each of these key issues in turn. You should bear in mind the links between each key issue and your main argument and the links between the key issues. The conclusion should summarise and re-emphasise the main argument and key points.
  • References

Requirements: OTHER | Essay | 4 pages, Single spaced

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