Marijuana and its effects on neurons and brain activity

Marijuana and its effects on neurons and brain activity

Pick a drug that you’d like to research – alcohol, cocaine, heroin, marijuana, methamphetamine, nicotine, or MDMA. Using the internet resources to research the effect of a drug on neuron and brain activity. You may: Use The Science of Addition: Genetics and the Brain website at . Pages that I found useful are:

Mouse Party

Meth Mouse

Beyond the Reward Pathway

Drug Use Changes the Brain over Time

Genes and Addiction

OR find another resource on the mechanism of a specific drug on neurons and the brain. Try a search that includes the name of the drug and the word mechanism (“cocaine mechanism”). Be sure to use a reliable resource. Summarize the impact of a specific drug on the neurons and brain activity. Include in your description the neurotransmitters that are involved.

Extend your understanding by researching and discussing another factor that plays a role in addiction such as genetics, other neurotransmitter pathways, or social pressure. Be thoughtful and support your discussion with specific details.


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