Managing in global environment

Paper Topic : Managing in global environment
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The aim of the assessment is to provide you with an opportunity to reflect of your learning from this unit. Specifically, how your increased understanding of cultural values and your experience of working in a multi-cultural group will influence your future role as a manager working in the global environment. You are required to: – Evaluate your experience and what you have learnt about yourself that relates to your role as a future manager in the global environment. – Analyse your experience using theory from this unit. – Describe your learning that relates to your role as a future global manager. – Demonstrate in your evaluation that you have been able to identify areas for personal development. – Use credible references to support your analysis and discussion. As this is a reflection on your experiences, you are encouraged to write in first person by using the word ā€Iā€. Students are advised not to repeat their statements of assessment 1 and assessment 2 in the reflection although they may reflect on the topics.

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