Management Question- Background of International business

Management Question- Background of International business

  1. Identify Problems and Opportunities
  2. Situation Analysis
    1. Environmental Scanning (Economy, Political, Cultural, Social, Competition, Legal, Regulatory, Technology, Demographics, Natural Resources, Consumer Behavior)
    2. Strategic Marketing Issues
      1. Product
      2. Price
      3. Distribution
      4. Promotion
      5. Selecting and evaluating target markets
      6. Phase of the product life cycle
    3. Management and Policy Issues
    4. Finance Issues
    5. Accounting Issues
  3. S.W.O.T Analysis
    1. Strengths of the company/products
    2. Weaknesses of the company/products
    3. Opportunities of the company/products
    4. Threats of the company/products
  4. Alternative Courses of Action
  5. Recommended Course of Action
  6. Justification of Recommended CourseAbove is what needs to be in the essay

1. A minimum of 1,000 words with applicable terms and concepts related to the chapters and/or Learning Outcomes

2. Two recent articles related to the topic included in the REFERENCE Section at the end of your paper and properly cited in APA Format

3. Two in-text citations including (a) one direct quote from one of you articles (with proper intext APA citation), and (b) one fact from one of your articles (with proper intext APA citation)

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