Management Concept Review

Management Concept Review

Reflection is an important part of the learning process. It enables you to look back on what you learned and think about its usefulness and practicality to your life. In this case, consider the usefulness of what you have learned in relation to your future career in the business field.

Please discuss at least ONE management concept from our textbook that you learned about – that you were intrigued about and that you enjoyed learning about. You are welcome to discuss more than one concept/topic if you would like. Think about all the topics we covered. As you know, we covered a LOT of ground. Discuss, in your own words, why you enjoyed learning about these topics and how you believe this information will be applicable in your future as it relates to your career. Said another way, please discuss how these concepts will assist you personally in the business field. I realize that many of you may not know just yet what you plan to do (career-wise). So, then please apply these concepts to the work force environment in a general way – if that’s more conducive for your discussion/assignment. You are also welcome to apply what you have learned to the job where you are currently employed. Many of you have done so during our discussion forums.


Length: this reflect report should be at least 250 words in length. Failure to meet this length requirement will result in a zero for this last report.

Kinicki, A. and Williams, B. (2020). Management: A Practical Introduction. Ninth Edition. McGraw Hill. VitalSource Inclusive Access eBook Online Access for Management. ISBN: 9781260973976 / 1260973972.

I hope you can write about some common management concept, which will be there in your book as well.

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Management Concept Review

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