Make a claim to answer the question: What is Biology?

Make a claim to answer the question: What is Biology?

  1. Open the Claim Evidence Reasoning _CER_ Template.docx Claim Evidence Reasoning _CER_ Template.docx – Alternative Formats
  2. Make a claim to answer the question: What is Biology?
  3. Information presented in the video and the rest of the chapter will provide EVIDENCE to support your claim or you may find evidence that make you change your claim. Which you can!! As long as the evidence supports the new claim.
  4. When all of the evidence has been collected, you will explain the reasoning for your claim using the evidence as support.
  5. The completed CER will be submitted in the next section of this lesson.

Notes: A rubric is provided as part of this assignment to better assist you. You may return to this page at any time to refer back to the requirements of the rubric.

For further assistance on Claim Evidence Reasoning you may watch the following CER video

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word limit:860