Learning Styles and Problem-Based Learning

Learning Styles and Problem-Based Learning

Discussion on the Learning Styles.

1. A brief description of your learning style
 The identified predominant learning style encompasses kinesthetic learning, also
tactile in which learning is best when students are involved in hands-on

2. Does PBL fit into your learning style
 PBL fits into the kinesthetic learning style as both require learners to engage in
additional activities besides reading and listening to instructions and concepts.

3. Steps of PBL
 The steps include exploring the issue by the learner, and garnering the necessary
information, for instance, by learning new principles, processes, and skills as
provided by the respective topics, and stating what is known by the student, or
groups, about the provided scenario, and the lacking information.

4. How PBL helps students
 The learning method is primarily a student-centered approach that provides better
chances for delivering education in a coherent, integrated, and focused way

5. Advantages and disadvantages of PBL
 The advantages of PBL include facilitating long-term knowledge retention for the
learners by improving their abilities to retain and recall information.
 Its disadvantages include the risk of poorer performance on theoretical tests and
its time-consuming nature.

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