Leadership Style Issues

Leadership Style Issues

To prepare for this Assignment, select and interview a business executive about whom you can find information regarding his or her leadership activities and the organization with which he or she is affiliated. This may be someone you know or who owns a business local to you. Use the weekly readings as additional support for your ideas. Your interview should focus on the following two questions:

  • How would you describe your leadership style?
  • How would you describe your role as it relates to the health of your organization?

Submit a 3- to 4-page analysis of the individual’s leadership style and the impact of that style on his or her organization. Your analysis should include the following:


  • An evaluation of the leadership style of your selected leader, according to an existing leadership style theory
  • An assessment of the health of that leader’s organization, based upon information shared during the interview as well as any additional resources to support your assessment
  • A comparison of the relationship between your chosen leader’s leadership style and the health of his or her organization, as conveyed in the interview, to what is depicted in any local media, websites, or news information about the organization
  • A minimum of two specific citations per page from this week’s Learning Resources and/or additional scholarly sources; you may also include media examples of leadership behavior and other relevant organizational information to support your analysis.

*Only resources from https://academicguides.waldenu.edu/library can be used.

* Some helpful articles that can be used as references are:

1. Situational,Transformational and Transational Leadership and Leadership Development by McCleskey, Jim Allen

2. The role of the situation in leadership by Vroom, Victor

*Log onto the library link above and enter the titles into the search bar.

*The template that must be used is attached

Requirements: 3-4   |   .doc file

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word limit:913