Leader as Individual – Mind & Heart

Leader as Individual – Mind & Heart


Week 2 Discussion: Leader as Individual – Mind & Heart

Please watch the short video of W. Mitchell above. I can’t think of many people who have more reasons than Mitchell to blame, complain, and become a victim of circumstances. Let’s try to look at our workplaces from a new perspective.

1. Using the mindset of Mitchell (personal freedom, responsibility), identify an issue in your respective roles/workplaces (former or current) that needs improvement. Describe the problem/situation.

2. Putting on the “glasses” (paradigm, mindset) of Mitchell (perhaps removing an old pair of “glasses”), explain how you will become part of the solution to the problem you identified in (1) above using this mindset of service (love).

please use own words, and more about personal thought.

Requirements: 1.5 pages

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word limit:462