Japanese Film Review-Shin Gojira

Japanese Film Review-Shin Gojira

This week’s keyword: Multimedia

Here are some explanation from the lecture to explain this keyword in detail:

But I think there’s a very strong and consistent tendency after the 19 sixties, which can be called the Age of multimedia, the media medium has changed from, let say, TV to video to internet. But I think the strong tendency of this cross media or multimedia, it’s still going on. After a huge dominance. Film as a medium. In the 19 fifties, film was the most important and influential media medium in the 19 fifties. The Golden Age. We talked about the golden age of Japanese cinema over and over again. During the last few sequences. That changed. The Golden Age or the inferences, cinema changed drastically in the 19 sixties. And the change was we, I think we are still AND age of transformation that started in the 19 sixties. What I am talking about in the lecture of this sequence, The Age of multimedia. So on. What happened in the 1960 was the rapid decline, sudden decline of Japanese film industry. Japanese economy, which still booming. We talked about the rapid recovery, miraculous recovery of Japanese economy in the 19 fifties. However, going against such economic boom, Japanese film industry richer, it’s supported by the occupational government because, you know, they thought film is a very essential medium.

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