Iris Running Crane Case – Recommendations

Iris Running Crane Case – Recommendations

  • Learn about different types of PE and VC firms and how they are perceived

The case recommendations should be two in length and consist of:

  • (1) your name and the title of the case,
  • (2) the primary question(s) asked in the case,
  • (3) the factors relevant to evaluating the case and reaching a conclusion/recommendation, and
  • (4) your recommendation to the case problem/issue(s). Your recommendation should take a position or suggest a path of action. You should be able to defend your recommendation based upon the information provided in the case.

Requirements: 600   |   .doc file

Make sure you need a little more support in your argument, take a strong position try to get some facts to support your arguments from the case. you need to defend with examples from the case in q4

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word limit:673