Benefits of investing in Your Team

Benefits of investing in Your Team


In this course, you are learning Coach Gibbs’s strategies for motivating teams. You will apply that knowledge in this week’s assignment by putting together the first part of a Motivational Game Plan. You will return to the Motivational Game Plan in each course assignment, adding additional components based on your new skills and knowledge. This week’s assignment focuses on investing in your team.



Hometown Cars is a small, full-service car dealership. They offer new car sales, used car sales, and a parts and service department. Recently, the general manager left the organization, and all of the departments have been struggling to meet their profit goals.

Last week you were hired as the new general manager. You understand that some big changes need to be made to turn around the company’s profits. To do this, you will create a Motivational Game Plan that will help optimize the team’s performance. The first step in this process is to identify how the company can invest in its team members. Coach Gibbs shared this week that the first step to investing in your team is creating the right environment.


In your new role as general manager, you have talked to the Hometown Cars employees one-on-one to see how they feel about their current work environment. These observations will be provided in the document, Week 3 Assignment: Investing in Your Team.


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