Investigate and explain how Climate Change reveals human vulnerability to our environment.

 Investigate and explain how Climate Change reveals human vulnerability to our  environment.

Answer the following questions in essay format.
1. Investigate and explain how Climate Change reveals human vulnerability to our
2. Explain in detail how the following human aspects relate to Climate Change.
3. Discuss how they could have a short term and/or long-term effect on humans.
• Health
• Living conditions
• Economic

To start your research, you need to use GeoDate Volume 31 Number 2 2018 from the
Taylors College Library Database.
This essay requires in-text referencing, a reference list and to be written in essay format. It
must be between 1000 words (+/- 10%).
A draft of your essay must be submitted on the 13th September 2021 by 11:55pm.
Failure to submit a draft will result in a zero grade for this task.
The draft must be a maximum of 500 words.

Part B – eBook 10%

Create an eBook on Climate Change for children aged between 5-10 years old. The eBook
needs to have a minimum of 300 words. You must use the following website to create this
The eBook must address the following questions. in
1. Define the term Climate Change.
2. Include a video as a children’s tv show presenter explaining the following terms and
how they connect to Climate Change.
a. Global Warming
b. Enhanced Greenhouse Effect
c. Fossil Fuels
3. Discuss actions children can do to prevent Climate Change. In your discussion you
must include THREE social and THREE environmental ways children can get
4. Explain clearly why these six actions prevent Climate Change.
5. The eBook must include intext references where required and an academic reference
list. It must also be written in age appropriate language.
Within this eBook you need to include the following features.

A video (See question 2)
This needs to be approximately 2 minutes long and must include your face and voice.
Remember to act the part of a children’s tv show presenter. This means it has to be fun,
colourful, engaging and appropriate for the age range of 5-10 years old. You need to make
sure your language is appropriate.
The eBook needs to be creative both in layout and design. You can include more videos,
audio recordings and be creative with the background and images you choose to include.
Remember to make your writing and design appropriate for children as this is included in the
marking criteria.
Submission requirements
Research Essay – This needs to be submitted as a word document or PDF to Study Smart
before the due date.
eBook – Instructions on how to create and publish an eBook using
are on Study Smart. You need to follow the instructions on publication and submit this to
Study Smart separately to the essay.

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