Introduction to psychology.

Introduction to psychology.

In a 5-7 page, typewritten paper, discuss how taking an introductory psychology course is

beneficial to you personally. You may discuss how it pertains to a personal or family

issue OR how it is beneficial to you with respect to EITHER your intended major OR

career. More specifically, discuss how three different psychological concepts or theories

apply to you personally, or to your intended major or career. First describe what the

concept/theory is and then how it relates to you. If you are a psychology major, feel free

to discuss how these concepts would relate to a possible career interest of yours. You

should have a minimal of two peer-reviewed journal articles or sources. You may use

your textbook, but it does not count towards the two sources. Your paper will be

evaluated with respect to your ability to demonstrate an understanding of the concepts or

theories as well as your ability to apply it to your intended major or career or personal issue.

Textbook: Myers, D., Dewall, C.N. (2015). Psychology (11thed.). New York: Worth Publishers

words limit: