Intelligence analysis towards solving current global threats

Intelligence analysis towards solving current global threats

  1. Current threats have been addressed by systems and technologies discussed and studied during this course. Write a paper that outlines some potential applications/technologies that have not been presented or discussed, but could be developed in furtherance of intelligence collection or analysis. Feel free to use your imagination and make your case with associated assumptions – but, please don’t try and bend the laws of physics.
  2. To be truly proactive, intelligence technologies must constantly re-visit the fluid nature of emerging threats. Decades ago, elaborate systems were put in place to track mobile missile launchers on railway cars across vast areas of the Soviet Union. Today, we try and discern the location of a few men living underground in a cave.  Looking toward the future; write a paper that postulates a series of probable threats.  State your cases clearly with assumptions and supporting rationale.
  3. We have studied technologies related to information management, compartmentation and the policies driving how intelligence is shared. Write a paper discussing specific and realistic features, applications and associated policies that could be applied to improve and enhance getting actionable intelligence into the hands of authorized consumers in a timely manner. Here again, be clear with your assumptions and be mindful of our social order and the laws that govern us.
  4. Write a paper that presents 4 postulated counter-measures that mitigate intelligence technologies, and that have not been discussed in class. Consider two counter-measures for current threats, and two for potential future threats. Refer to the guidance above in Topic A.

Your paper will be evaluated as follows:

  • Research sources–don’t depend solely on internet sources-look at magazines, journals, books, as well. Don’t be naively or gullibly drawn in by the conspiracy cottage industry.
  • Organization of your paper
  • Ideas and expression
  • Writing quality, including grammar and spelling
  • Strength and practicality of your solutions
  • Footnoting
  • Bibliography


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