Information Literacy Reflection Assignment

Information Literacy Reflection Assignment


Write a letter to future students in this class in which you explain how to succeed. There are no wrong answers for this assignment, but there are specific concepts that must be discussed and evaluated as you deal with the following charge: Your letter must address the larger context of how the class impacted you on a personal level. How did it reinforce and/or challenge your beliefs, convictions, assumptions, previous knowledge, etc.? Be honest and be thoughtful.

In doing so, your letter must explain:

1) why and how this course’s approach to history is different from rote memorization;

2) why and how information literacy skills helped improve the process of “doing history”;

3 how you went about selecting which documents to evaluate in your essay assignment and in your discussion board work for each topic;

4) why and how seeing scholarship (meaning academic writing, not scholarship money) as an active conversation in which you are a participant changes the way you think about your role as a student;

5) and, why and how textual, audio, video, and visual sources are similar and different, noting the rewards and challenges of working with each. If putting the assignment in the form of a letter proves too difficult for you, you may write a straightforward reflection, but to be eligible for full credit your work must adhere to all the requirements described above.

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