Discuss a Case Study on Influenza A Virus

Discuss a Case Study on Influenza A Virus

Case Study

Discuss a Case Study on Influenza A Virus.You are the nurse practitioner at the local walk in clinic. John Sebelius is a 36-year-old male patient who comes to the clinic with flu-like symptoms Influenza A Virus.John Sebelius states, “I didn’t get a flu shot and now I must have the flu. All I want is an antibiotic so I can go back to work.” As the nurse practitioner, you inform him that you will need to gather some information and conduct an examination before you can write a prescription for an antibiotic. The first question you ask him is related to his onset of symptoms.

He tells you that last night he started with a scratchy throat and chills. He did not take his temperature and he has nasal congestion, a cough, and severe body aches. He states his pain is approximately a 7. Objective assessment findings: · 102.4O , 96, 28, 132/80 · Lungs are clear per auscultation; no retractions · Heart rate regular · Skin warm and dry · Pallor · Frequent non-productive cough · Pain upon palpation of the frontal and maxillary sinuses You inform Mr. Sebelius that he has contracted Influenza A, and that he does not have a bacterial infection. He states, “But I want an antibiotic.”

  1. What pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic interventions should you educate Mr. Sebelius on regarding influenza? Mr. Sebelius recovers well from his influenza, but notices that he is having difficulty with his allergies. You prescribe fexofenadine.
  2. What are the dosage ranges, action, use, pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, drug-to-drug interactions, drug to herbal or food interactions, contraindications, adverse effects, guidelines for administration, and patient teaching for the administration of fexofenadine?


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