Inflation and Unemployment-Discussion.

Inflation and Unemployment-Discussion.

Think of this assignment as a debate. Your reading on the topic of unemployment and inflation should give you enough insights to pick your arguments and to find evidence or research to support your point of view in the matter. We have recently seen what a global pandemic can do to the U.S. economy and the world economy. The U.S. economy is very much linked with the rest of the world. The elected government has used various fiscal policies to stimulate the U.S. economy. The Federal Reserves (the Fed) have used various monetary tools to stimulate the economy as well.

Debate the actions of the government and the Fed regarding these issues.

1. What kinds of factors would you want to consider in determining a nation’s optimal rate of inflation and unemployment?

2. Pick a recent fiscal policy and a recent monetary policy. Discuss the purposes and the effects of the policies. Pros and cons? Winners and losers?

3. How would the policies affect inflation, unemployment, national debt, etc?

You are more than welcome to add many other aspects, data, facts, and analysis to the discussion.

Don’t forget to add the References.

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Inflation and Unemployment

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