Impacts of Covid-19 on Real GDP

Impacts of Covid-19 on Real GDP

The paper components should be assembled under APA format and ordered as: 7-8 pages long.

  • Title page
  • Introduction (a few paragraphs that describe the purpose of the paper)
  • Literature Review (a written summary of findings from your outside references)
  • Model Estimation Results (discussion of the GRETL results for the base model the revised GDP model)
  • Conclusions (summary of what you learned about the impact of COVID on GDP growth in second-quarter 2020)
  • References (list of citations)
  • Tables and Figures (GRETL output for the models discussed in the estimation results section)

Requirements: Long enough   |   .doc file

Throughout the term, we have considered regression models of the changes real GDP per capita that affected 33 countries in second-quarter 2020. For Project 1, I provided a base model of GDP changes condition on explanatory factors like access to child care and the share of GDP contributed by the service sector. Project 2 asked you to review the professional literature on events that had a major impact on GDP in the past, and this information can be used to evaluate the magnitude of the recent COVID impacts. Finally, your goal in Project 3 was to evaluate a revised GDP model based on some new explanatory variables.


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