The impact of conflict resolution

The impact of conflict resolution

Conflict Resolution

This assignment assesses the following unit learning outcomes.This assignment requires you to think critically about the issues surrounding conflict and its sources.
1. Demonstrate an understanding of the multi-dimensional nature of conflict.
2. Descibe the range of analytical models applied to the study of conflict and its resolution.
3. Outline the complex dynamics of conflict situations.
4. Demonstrate an understanding of trends and developments in conflict resolution.
5. Critically assess conflict resolution methods, approaches and case studies, working independently and with others.

You are required to choose one major case study and analyse a chosen scenario.

Assess the impact of conflict prevention efforts in your adopted case study.
What were the reasons for success/failure? OR

What are the benefits and limitations of conflict prevention? Discuss in relation to your case study.
Does humanitarian intervention help resolve conflicts?
Critically assess in relation to your selected case study.
What obstacles or challenges face post-conflict peace-building and reconciliation?
You may either refer to a selected case study OR
Assess the key criticisms of relevant scholars.
As well as the case study, you will also make reference to the topics covered throughout the course
of the unit and the readings you have been prescribed each week.


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The Impact of Conflict Prevention Efforts