Parenting Styles & the role it plays in human development

Parenting Styles & the role it plays in human development

Research Requirements:

The essay should reflect independent student research on the topic chosen and include a minimum of 5 references from reputable professional sources (NO Wikipedia!!). Reputable sources include professional journals and websites from established organizations and government websites. Additional sources from popular press and websites intended for public consumption may be included but do not substitute as reputable professional resources.

Style requirements:

The paper must be written at a college level. This means that word choice, grammar, punctuation mechanics & usage are correct & diplomatic, and are consistent with Standard American English.

The paper must adhere to American Psychological Association (APA) style in the following ways:

The paper must contain an appropriate title page listing the paper title, course for which it was written, the author’s identifying information, and date of submission.

Each page of the paper must have a short running heading and page number.

In-text citations fully conform to APA requirements.

The last separate page contains the heading References. It contains a list of all the sources used in writing the paper. The references are listed in alphabetical order and meet APA style requirements. (Note that all in-text citations must be included in the reference section and the reference section should not include references not cited in the paper).

These requirements are all represented in the grading rubric below. As you compose your paper, it is recommended that you refer back to this rubric to be sure that you are doing your very best work. The essay is worth up to 50 points and will be graded on both content and form.

The length of the paper not counting the title and reference pages should be around 4-6. Please remember APA format as well.

I have attached the grading rubric below. If you have any questions please feel free to ask!


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