Describe Hillside beach Club case study

Describe Hillside beach Club case study

The Hillside Beach Club

Question 1


What is the signature customer experience at the HBC?

What are the key factors of this experience?

Question 2

Perform a SWOT analysis; 4 cells:

Strengths – are positive attributes internal to the
organisation or situation that are within your control.

Weaknesses – are also internal factors within your
control that may impede your ability to meet your

Opportunities – are external factors that the
organisation or project should (or could) develop.

Threats – are external factors beyond your control
that could place the project or organisation at risk.

1) Synthesis and elaboration in-class discussion (based on question 1): what is the unique customer experience and what are the factors that create it ?

2) Which factors should be adapted to the Cyprus location why, to which extent and howImplementation of recommendation is minimal for this case mostly strategic, not tactical


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Hillside Beach Club