Hepadnaviruses project.

Hepadnaviruses project.

The research project involves research into a selected group of pathogenic microbes.
Use the following guidelines to facilitate the writing of a literature review, which will include a
video presentation based on the paper. Be sure to refer to Canvas for grading rubrics, due
dates, and other useful resources.
The guidelines below include each content area and a general statement of what type of
information should be included:
Cover Page
 Title
 Name
 Abstract (200-250 words)
Description (min 1pg)
 Morphology, identifying characteristics/features
 Species of special interest
 Host range
Epidemiology (min 1pg)
 Statistics of infection (who, when, how many, etc)
 Historical example of an outbreak
 Cost to public health
Pathogenesis (min 2-3pg)
 Characteristics of infection
o Routes of entry and spread via host
o Relevant virulence factors
o Methods of immune system evasion
o Methods of elimination/exit

Clinical Syndromes (min 1pg)
 Consequences of infection clinically
 Onset, progression, relapse, infective dose, morbidity and mortality
Diagnosis and Treatment (min 1pg)
 How is diagnosed
 Standard treatments following infection
 If relevant, experimental or emerging treatments

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