Give a talk on healthy eating.

Give a talk on healthy eating.

“You have been asked by a local group (Coventry or Birmingham cities in UK) to give a talk on
healthy eating. Detail how you would carry out a needs assessment, describe the key messages for the talk, and provide a rational for this” (chose from the list below)

Mothers to children under 5 years old at a playgroup
• Older people living at a day centre
• 17-19-year-old girls at a local youth centre

Please note – you are not presenting the actual talk, just the rationale and key nutrients.
Note it is important to use some graphs and histograms to show the statistics and evidences…
The presentation should address the following and You must make clearly subtitle for each of the
following requirements:

• Health concerns in the population you have chosen with statistics and evidence
• Social determinants relevant to this group. Include national and global statistics to justify this
• Detail of how you would carry out a needs assessment and why
• Brief outline of the key healthy eating messages and nutrients of concern that you would focus on and evidence based rational for this


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Health concerns in older people at Birmingham day center