What have you learned from the pandemic(COVID-19)?

What have you learned from the pandemic(COVID-19)?

3 essay questions

  1. What have you learned from the pandemic(COVID-19)?Please write an essay to personal experience off virus spread prevention in at least 250 words.
  2. More and more studies have shown that dementia occurs not only among senior, but also people under the age of 60. Please write an essay around 200-250 words to discuss the possible problems dementia patients and their families might face. Also, as a Chinese medicine doctor, how would you help your patients and their families cope with the illness?
  3. As a medical practitioner, you may need to face patients and families with strong emotions, especially when the patients conditions are critical. In what ways do you think it is important to deal with the emotions of the patients and families, and what will be your strategies to deal with them? Use examples to elaborate on your response.( at least 200 words)

Requirements: 200 words each question

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