Health Education Programs in Florida

Analyze the Health Education Programs in Florida

Companies are required to protect the safety and welfare of the employees within the operations of an organization. Safety and health issues affecting the practices of an organization depend on the nature of work within the company. For example, several safety and health issues involve physical hazards, ergonomics hazards, chemical hazards, and biological hazards. Some of these hazards pose a threat to the safety and lives of the employees which would cause bodily harms. Therefore, each organization should promote the safety and welfare of the employees based on the implementation of safety and health issues policies intended to protect both the workers and the organization. For example, safety and health issues within a hospitality industry such as restaurants would involve electric hazards, machine hazards, fire hazards, falling, moving objects, sharp objects, noise, heat, and cold. The hazards within a restaurant could be minimized through the creation of health policies that would enhance the safety of the employees and the customers.


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