Determine health education needs for an individual.

Determine health education needs for an individual.

Needs Assessment (20 points)
Based on the health history and physical examination findings, determine at least two health education needs for the individual. Remember, you may       identify an educational topic that is focused on wellness.
Select two peer-reviewed journal articles that provide evidence-based support for the health teaching needs you have identified.

1. Begin by writing  describing the individual’s stated condition of health medications and allergies.  Demographic data, perception of health, past medical history, vaccinations and immunizations, family medical history, review of systems, developmental considerations, cultural
Considerations, psychosocial considerations, and the presence or absence of resources from the community, family, groups, or the healthcare system.
2. Write one paragraph describing the physical assessment findings, ensuring proper terminology is used to describe any abnormal or unusual                         findings.
3. Write one paragraph discussing (1) the rationale for the selection of the health teaching topics and (2) how the findings in the scholarly articles (identified in the needs assessment portion of the assignment and properly cited) were used to develop the health teaching topics to promote
the individual’s health and wellness status.
4. Discuss how the interrelationships of physiological, developmental, cultural, and psychosocial considerations will influence, assist, or become barriers to the effectiveness of the proposed health education and (2) a description of the impact of the individual’s strengths (personal, family, and friends) and collaborative resources (clinical, community, and health and wellness resources) on the proposed teaching.


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The Health History