HEALTH CULTURE: Personal health initiative, reducing risk factors

HEALTH CULTURE: Personal health initiative, reducing risk factors

Personal Health Initiative

Directions for Students Enrolled in

NURS 300 / 3000 Culture of Health

Class Structure: Each weekly two hour class session involves lecture with informed, active contributions by students to each discussion theme identified in the week-to-week section of the course syllabus.

Personal Health Initiative

As members of a profession charged with advocating for the health and well-being of society, nurses are challenged to develop personal strategies to protect and promote personal health and well being while reducing personal risks factors. Within this professional context, each student enrolled in NURS 300 will receive 10% of his/her grade for developing one “Personal Health Initiative” to be submitted during class of week 10.

Assessment Criteria for the Personal Health Initiative include the following:

1.Identify one personal health risk factor for yourself.(15%)

2.Identify one measurable, personal, outcome behavior. (15%)

3 Develop a written plan – to begin addressing this personal risk factor in your day to day life as a student.(30%)

Specify 5 different ways telling us how you will address your personal health risk factors.

4.Briefly document (half a page) on the provided template how you are actively implementing your plan over a 6 week period.

Please document once a week for 6 consecutive weeks (6 entries) before the submission due dates, x/xx/xxxx and x/xx/xxxx, respectively.(30%)

5.After initiating your plan identify any corrections or adjustments you have made to facilitate your ability to be successful in addressing this risk factor over the 6 weeks period of time. (10%)

Personal Health Initiative Submission – Week 10

Due week 10The Personal Health Initiative is to be submitted as a typed WORD Document of 3 – 5 pages.

Guidelines to help write your Health Initiative

What aspect of your health do you wish to change? (Specific description of a health related behavior must be given.)

What are your short, medium and long term goals? (Measurable & Realistic)

What is your current baseline for this behavior? (Where are you right now?)

Benefits you anticipate as a result of this change?

If you have tried to change this behavior before why were you not successful?

Why will it be different this time?

What will happen if you don’t change this behavior?

What are some antecedents of your current behavior patterns? (Triggers)

Identify at least three factors that will assist you in reaching your goals. (Reinforcing, Enabling, and Predisposing Factors)




List at least three obstacles to the successful achievement of your behavior change.




What specifically will you do to address these barriers?

Describe your short, medium, and long term rewards. (Must be desirable, attainable, extrinsic, and you must be willing to forgo the reward if not successful.)SMART objectives

Requirements: 3-5 pages double spaced

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HEALTH CULTURE: Personal health initiative  reducing risk factors
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