Group Presentation on Communication about alcoholism

Group Presentation on Communication about alcoholism.

There is a lot of information here. I know it is a lot to digest. Don’t worry, as you will have several weeks to get the presentation ready. I will discuss the assignment in detail during our periodic zoom meetings. I will answer all of your questions, also.

Your group is to research, organize and deliver a 15-30 minute presentation on a topic related to Interpersonal Communication. Your group will produce the presentation in the form of a video. Each of the members of your group must speak in the presentation for a minimum of 3 minutes. In addition to speaking, you should add creativity to make the presentation fun and interesting. You can include skits, props, characters, games, a game show, a quiz, a talk show, music, art, etc. You are required to present the information in a way that is clear, accurate and interesting. You must cite sources in your presentation (tell us which info came from which sources).

In class discussions, we will talk about how to organize the presentation and how to deliver it effectively.


Choose one of the following topics from that are closely related to Interpersonal Communication. If the topic was covered in class, your group needs to expand your research to include information in addition to what we covered in this class. Please don’t include my lecture as one of your required resources. Please choose a topic that your group finds interesting.

All of these topics are closely related to Communication, but may overlap with other disciplines. I have listed topics that I know have a good amount of available research on them.

Health Topics

  • alcoholism
  • depression
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • patient/doctor communication

Important note: if you choose this topic, there are some important guidelines I want you to follow. The presentation , in order to be about communication, can’t just tell us the history of the artist or genre. If you chose Bob Marley, for example, your presentation should not just be about Bob Marley (although you do want to include some of that), but should cover how the music communicates with the audience. For instance, you could talk about the impact of the music on the listeners. You could cover the religious or political implications– how the music spread the Rastafarian religion, or the impact of the music on the culture of Jamaica. You could cover how listening to the music combined with the consumption of marijuana affects the listeners. You could look at the

  • effects of classical music on studying
  • the effect of playing music for pregnant mothers and how fetal brain development is affected

As far as how you cover the topic, you can approach it several different ways.

You could make your presentation about a particular genre of music

  • rap, hip hop, rock, classical, jazz, country, etc.

You could compare several different genres.

You could choose one artist

  • Queen, the Beatles, Billie Eilish, Maroon 5

You could make it about one song (as long as there is enough to say about it)

  • Journey’s Don’t Stop Believin’ or Lady Gaga’s Born This Way


These are the main goals of this assignment:

  • You will have a chance to practice your communication skills. You will genuinely learn more from this project than you could ever learn from a lecture or reading a book. This assignment will teach you a lot about working with others. You will learn about communication in general and group communication in particular. You are going to see the principles that we have discussed playing themselves out in real time as you plan this presentation and put it together with your group.
  • You will take a more in-depth look at a communication topic.
  • You will expose yourself to alternate perspectives. It will be helpful and interesting to get an alternative perspective (other than your instructor’s perspective) on the communication topic you research.
  • You will also develop and practice your public speaking skills. Since this course meets the Oral Communication requirement for the California State University System, you are each required to complete at least one assignment that gives you the opportunity to do some public speaking. This presentation gives you that opportunity.


You are required to use a minimum of six sources for the group. Before the presentation is due, I will present instructions about how to successfully research, organize and deliver your presentation. I will discuss in detail how I am grading your public speaking well before the due date. You must include a list of your sources somewhere in the video.


Your group members can record their parts of the video individually, and have someone edit the video together. You can share in that process, depending on how comfortable you are with technology. When you are finished, post the video to YouTube as “unlisted” (NOT private) and send me the link. Here is a short video to show you how to do that.


  • If you are nervous, please talk to me about it. Your group is there to support you. Most importantly, believe in yourself. You can do it!
  • Time affects your grade. Your presentation should be 20 minutes minimum and 30 minutes maximum. You will be penalized by one point for each minute you are outside of that time limit to a maximum of 3 points. It is much more common for groups to run over than under time.
  • In order to get part of the grade each group member must actually speak in the presentation. Anyone who does not participate will get a zero.


Total Points: 45



You should have an introduction, a conclusion and some number of main points in the presentation. Please preview those main points in the introduction. You should say the topic of the presentation and the names (first and last) of each of your group members in the introduction of the presentation.


Please be as creative as you can. I recommend that you do not use straight lecture (as it can be boring) nor that you use straight skits (it is tough to present your information clearly.) The best approach would be a combination. You are encouraged to use props, posters, music, costumes, art, video clips, etc. Make it fun for the audience to listen to!


Please include your sources somewhere in the presentation. You are required to use a minimum of six sources, all of which should be listed. Please DO NOT just use the url (web address) when you list your sources. You should include a minimum of 3 or 4 pieces of information (including the url) for each source, including a date. Use the date the article was posted or last updated. Giving me the date you accessed the source does not tell me how up-to-date the source is.



I am grading you on how effective your physical delivery is in the presentation. This includes what you are doing with your face, eyes and body (stance, gestures, expressiveness, etc.)


I am grading you on how effective your vocal delivery is in the presentation. This includes what you are doing with your voice (volume, expressiveness, lack of vocal fillers, etc.)


You must cite sources in your presentation (tell us which info came from which sources.) You should do this at least 3 times during your part of the presentation and they should be from at least 2 different sources. Those sources should be listed somewhere in your video.


Your content should be researched based, clear and accurate. It should also clearly relate to the topic your group is presenting on.

Effort and Enthusiasm: 5

I want to see that you put in some effort and thought into this presentation.


Nervous or Anxious about Public Speaking? For those of you who are concerned about public speaking anxiety, I have some helpful tips.

  • Fear is Normal. Everyone has some fear of public speaking. In fact, in most studies on fears in America, public speaking has been ranked the number one fear of humankind, placing higher than death in many cases. It is OK to feel some fear. We need to work to manage that fear. If by chance you aren’t afraid, you are unique and very lucky!
  • We have control of the fear. The fear is within us. No one else knows it is there and most others can’t see it, unless we tell them we are afraid. Only we have control of our fear.
  • Think about how you feel when you watch someone else speak. It helps to know that in almost every case, the audience does not wish to see us fail. They are there to support us.
  • Most of the nervousness involved in public speaking comes from fear of failure or fear of the unknown. The single most important factor in decreasing fear is preparation. If we know we have practiced and are sure of what we are going to say, how we are going to say it, how long it will last, etc., we are likely to be much less nervous.
  • Concentrate on slow deep breaths.
  • Think positive. You can do it. If you believe that you can, you’ll be much more successful. If you believe that you can’t, you are less likely to be successful.
  • If you have any problems or questions, please ask me. I am happy to help!

So my group we choses the Health Topics: and the topic is going to depression and we have to determine the depression to the parts and in the class we discuss about:

In today’s group meeting we discussed everyone talking about a different aspect of our chosen topic of depression. Margarita suggested to talk about depression/anxiety causing isolation, I decided to talk about how depression can cause a lack of communication between a patient and doctor. Other ideas are types of depression such as post partum, chronic, manic, and bipolar, we also all agreed that by the next group we would select our sub topic and present a paragraph length summary to each other.

slide limit:14