Food Waste documentary response

Food Waste documentary response



Compounding Pharmacies: (Choose 1 of the questions for your paper)

After viewing the documentary describing compounding pharmacies how do you feel about the oversight and neglect shown throughout the industry?

Were you aware before viewing the documentary that such practices even existed? If so have you ever been affected?

What do you think should be done about the complete oversight of the regulation in the compounding industry?

A New England-based company NECC was showcased in their total neglect of true pharmaceutical industry standards a few years back. What do you remember from the case? Do you feel the consequences fit the crimes?

Food Waste: (Choose 1 of the questions for your paper)

After viewing the short clip, how surprised are you by the amount of food wasted each day?

What types of solutions should be recommended to what we do with our food waste? Give example.

Should government readdress the Hunger Incentive Act giving small businesses tax breaks when handling food waste?

How do you feel about manufactures using dates to manipulate the buyer to throw out a product that is still of good usage? Should these dates be removed on certain items due to the fact they are fictitious.

Requirements: 350   |   .doc file/.. just follow the description. Only need to choose one documentary to view and choose one question.

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