Film Response: CRASH

 Film Response: CRASH

Crash was directed and produced by Paul Haggis and was released in May 6, 2005. The film explores racial and ethnic tensions of people living in Los Angeles through a series of interconnected stories. This film can be viewed or purchased on a number of outlets such as Amazon, Netflix, or Hulu.

Assignment Format Requirements:

  • Length: A minimum of 500-700 words, and should be very specific about the terms and concepts mentioned in your book.
  • Font:12 point Times New Roman or comparable
  • Document Format: Word document


  1. Explain how the movie Crash confirms or contradicts information about this sociology course’s main categories. Give examples racism, sexism, classism, and stereotypes.
  2. Tell me which scene in the movie impacted you the most. Select a scene that made you either happy, sad, angry, frustrated, hopeful, etc and explain your thoughts/feelings
  3. Do you think that interactions between diverse groups of people in Los Angeles (or any major city) has changed since this film was made?

Write up your observations in your own words, in such a way that even if a person has not seen the same film, they will be able to visualize or imagine what you observed.

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