Explain the importance of motivation for human beings? It offers examples


Read module 3 and answer the questions below. You should keep in mind that there are two case stories that you should read to answer questions. Questions must be answered with separate paragraphs (minimum of 6 sentences per paragraph). Remember that the answers must be based on the material of the module. It is important that they read the material to answer the questions. If they use any additional information they should include citations and corresponding references. Always paraphrase to avoid falling into plagiarism. The Unicheck system for plagiarism detection is active, therefore, if the system indicates more than 20% match the task will not be evaluated and will be graded with 0, in which case the opportunity to perform the task again will be given.


  • History of eating disorders case:
    • “Deborah is a 16-year-old girl who lives with her parents and a younger sister. She is in the tenth grade of high school, is on the honor roll of the school and takes modeling classes two years ago. She has health problems because she is extremely thin, as her mother says “skin and bones”. She goes up and down the stairs of her house again and again, runs several times a day, doesn’t want to eat because she says she’s very fat and has to lose weight. When questioned and told that she is very thin, she responds by saying “the mirror does not lie, besides my boyfriend does not like fat women”. You are constantly weighed and depressed if you have not dropped any pounds. There are days when you only consume half an apple and a bottle of water. She does not tolerate the cold, her hair is falling out, she has anemia, malnutrition, she is very weak and she has not had her menstruation for three months. She once fainted at school and was hospitalized for two weeks, where she was treated for malnutrition and heart problems. He gained about three pounds of weight, but when he got home he lost five. Her parents are very worried about her and do not know what to do, because she has presented this picture for a year and a half, and they fear for her life.”
    • Questions:
      • Based on reading, explain and describe,what eating disorder does Deborah have and why did you come to that conclusion? It lists each of the features to justify the diagnosis.
      • Explain, within your environment, what do you think caused this problem? Indicate each of the possible causes that led you to that conclusion.
      • Explain, what treatment or what can be done to help Deborah recover?
      • What do you think about eating disorders and this particular case?
  • Explain the importance of motivation for human beings? It offers examples.
  • It explains the importance of identifying emotions in ourselves and in other human beings, as well as detecting deception.
  • Explain how important emotional intelligence is when dealing with other people. It offers examples.
  • Learning Case History:

“Julito is 8 years old and in third grade. He obtains D and F in the Spanish and English exams and A in the Mathematics exams. His teachers say he has learning disabilities and should take him for a psychological evaluation. In his home, Julito likes to make handicrafts with his father and clay figures, plus he makes buildings with his Lego. He says that when he grows up he will be an Architect. He is afraid of lizards and toads, as is his grandmother, who takes care of him when he leaves school.”


  • Do you think Julito has learning problems?, why yes or why not?
  • What do you think is the problem that Julito presents at school?
  • Why do you think he has so many fears? Justify your answer.
  • Explain, what kind(s) of learning do you place Julito in and why?

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Explain the importance of motivation for human beings? It offers examples
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