Explain Symbolic Appropriation of Land

Explain Symbolic Appropriation of Land

Write a précis of 500 words minimum of the assigned excerpt by Oleg Grabar: “Symbolic Appropriation of the Land.” In the book, The Formation of Islamic Art, pp. 45-74. New Haven: Yale University Press, 1987. I’ve attached the file below.

Your précis should demonstrate comprehension of the author’s main points, supporting evidence, methodology, and essay structure. In your last 1 or 2 paragraphs, express your opinion of the effectiveness and value of the ideas and arguments made. Also state what aspects of the works were not addressed and suggest a direction future research on these monuments might take.

Format: double-spaced Times New Roman 12-point font in black ink.

Perfect grammar and spelling are expected; please proofread your work. Use the Chicago citation style to document your sources, if any. For information on how to format your text in Chicago style, click here. (Links to an external site.)

For tips on writing a précis and some examples, click here. (Links to an external site.)

*** Words count = 500 minimum.

*** In-Text Citations and References using Chicago style.

*** Attachment has been uploaded named “Grabar, Symbolic Appropriation of the Land”

Please note that this essay should be in your own words, paraphrasing of Grabar’s essay, and is not a research paper. Any quotes used MUST be attributed correctly in Chicago Style

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