Experiential exercise

Experiential exercise

This experiential exercise asks you to reflect a bit on the currents of matter, energy, and information that flow through you in your daily life.

Please follow the instructions to complete this exercise and write a brief reflection (one page maximum) that summarizes your experience.


Answer preview:

My daily experience is shaped by currents form experiential exercises. The experiential activities taking place in a day are numerous. I participate in matter and energy experiential that influence my perceptions on different aspects. The matter and energy experiential include food, infrastructure, the earth itself, transportation, businesses, housing, the air we breathe, light, the sun, among others. The other experiential current that flows through me daily is information. I participate in different types of information sharing networks. The networks or media include the read, heard, watched, shared, copied, imposed, forced, written, and adopted, among others.The matter and experiential energy circuits that flow and impacts my life mostly is food.

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