Ethnicity Assignment

Ethnicity Assignment

In order to understand the human consequences of redlining and to connect the housing issues caused by redlining to present issues, please watch…

After watching the video and doing some brief internet research, answer the below questions:

  1. Explain each of the four color classifications shown in the exhibit’s redlining map and how those classifications impacted lending.
  2. Explain the difference between explicit racism and structural racism and give an example of each.
  3. How has redlining impacted generational wealth? (HINT: how is generational wealth commonly acquired?)
  4. What is a racial covenant?
  5. Discuss an consequences of redlining.

Optional: For additional information on the past discriminatory practice of redlining in Omaha, and the affects it has on today, read or watch:…

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Ethnicity Chapter 5 Assignmentword limit:500