Essay on the global population problem.

Essay on the global population problem.

Global population will rise to approximately 10 billion by 2100. Developing nations’ total fertility rates (TFR) are around 3 children for each woman; whereas, TFR for more developed nations has dropped to less than 2 children for each woman. At the same time for all nations, life expectancy (LE) has risen to 80 years for most of the world except for Sub-Saharan Africa which the LE has risen to 60 years.

Your job is to solve the global population problem by limiting the total number of people to less than or around 9 billion by 2100. How might you accomplish this as a demography policy planner? Which region(s) of the world will you concentrate your plans and policies? Develop a three-point plan and justify your reasoning based on information acquired from the reading and videos?

A helpful hint is for you to formulate your essay by the following:

  1. introduction
    1. general overview
    2. region of population policies and justification
    3. define terms (you decide which terms should be defined)
    4. thesis statement
  2. body
    1. policy 1 & justification
    2. policy 2 & justification
    3. policy 3 & justification
  3. conclusion
    1. restate purpose of essay & thesis statement
    2. summarize items from 2a to 2c
    3. concluding statement

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