Essay- Consumer Behavior of the Individual

Essay- Consumer Behavior of the Individual

Businesses develop customer profiles to understand exactly what their customers want and need; their demographics, psychographics, and lifestyle choices; and how to target them with specific advertising messages and then create long-term relationships. This is your opportunity to design your own Customer Behavior Profile. You most likely will learn more about your behaviors, buying habits and what brands you love and cannot live without.

Your final Key Assignment will include the following sections:

  • Section I: What Makes Me Buy
    • This section will include a 500-word analysis of your customer buying behavior. Add your photo with the product you bought that exemplifies your buying behavior.
  • Section II: Image, Self and Lifestyle
    • This section includes an analysis of 800–1,000 words about your self-image and buying attitudes.
    • Add an analysis about what you learned about yourself from the VALS survey. Use any other information from your Week 2 presentation.
    • Choose 2 slides from your Week 3 presentation that explain your self-image and how your customer buying behavior aligns with that image.
    • Write about, and possibly add a photo of, a product you bought that was directly related to how you feel about your image.
    • Create your demographic and psychographic profile. A sample table is as follows:
Demographic Data Psychographic Data
Age (optional) Complete this sentence: My lifestyle is __________ because __________.
Gender (optional) Favorite magazines and Web sites that I read or visit regularly
Profession A few magazines and Web sites that I would like to read or visit in the future, and why
Household income level/range Hobbies
Marital status and number of children Favorite television shows, and why
Geographic location Favorite places to visit, and why
  • Section III: My Customer Personality: Write a 500-word analysis of your customer personality.
    • Add a photo of your favorite brand. Consider whether this brand matches your personality. Why and how?
    • Choose 1, or a combination of, the following descriptors and decide if it matches your buying behavior personality and mood; explain why:
      • Conformist
      • Experimental
      • Fun-loving
      • Socially conscious
      • Growth-oriented
      • Fashion-forward
      • Cutting-edge
      • Family-oriented
    • What is the dark side of your buying personality?

Part 2 Tasks (Objectives from Week 5)

Based on everything that you have discovered about your buying behaviors in Weeks 1–4, consider whether you are a brand loyalist or a brand genericist, or maybe a brand adventurist. Add a section to your plan of 500–800 words about whether your buying personality is loyal, generic, or adventurist, and why.

  • Section IV: My Brand Preference: Loyalist, Genericist, or Adventurist: In this section, also add an illustration of your impression of brand loyalty.
    • Brand Loyalist: You make routine purchases of the same brand because you like them, you grew up with them, or for other reasons. You are all about the label or name.
    • Brand Genericist: You do not consider the label or brand name. You look for the most cost-effective choice or sometimes the highest-quality choices versus the brand’s label or name.
    • Brand Adventurist: You like to mix things up. You have no brand preference or you are a combination of loyalist and genericist, but look for adventure first. You buy the product that fits your mood at the time, seeking varieties of flavors or costs as an adventurist by mixing your brand choices.

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Requirements: 500-800 Words

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