English Question-Discretionary Trust

English Question-Discretionary Trust

Please write 600 words of the intended and unintended consequences of the law that allows for discretionary trusts for 4 stakeholders to a discretionary trust. Note: The trust can be hypothetical, and you may need to make some assumptions. This is fine.

The first paragraph: introduction (describe what will be written in this essay, according to the case, describe the problem of hidden tax lurk and mention the four stakeholders)

Paragraph 2 to 5,Each paragraph describes a stakeholder according to the case,describe their purposes/consequences(intended and unintended, both need to be mentioned), and the stakeholders’ rights and needs.

Conclusion (write about the impact on society, summary above)

3-4 References are needed:One of it is the case, anther 2-3 have to be the academic paper. There have to be a reference list at the end of the article.


-Clarity of description of problem and underlying form of taxation, appropriateness of stakeholder selection(25%): Clear, comprehensive and accurate description of the most salient elements of the problem and the underlying form of taxation. All key stakeholders considered.

-Quality of analysis and evaluation of stakeholder consequences, depth of reflection (60%): Provides a deep, thoughtful, nuanced and critical analysis of the organization’s stakeholders, their needs and rights. Clear focus on relevant details and the boundaries of the situation.

-Structure, presentation, referencing, written expression (15%) : Excellent written expression detailing ideas and arguments clearly, succinctly and convincingly. Inclusive language used at all times. Well-structured with arguments and transitions presented in a clear and logical manner. Thoroughly edited with no significant errors in spelling / grammar. Referencing fully complies with faculty guidelines. no errors. Complies with word limit (+- 10%)

Requirements: 600 words

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word limit:624