Discuss employee wellbeing focusing on mental health

Discuss employee wellbeing focusing on mental health

Topic: Employee wellbeing – focus on mental health

Learning Outcomes Assessed
The following module learning outcomes apply to this assessment:
1. Demonstrate an appreciation of the various aspects of People Resourcing and examine the contribution that such activities can make to an                      organisation.
2. Devise solutions and apply key concepts to People Resourcing issues arising from various workplace scenarios.
3. Use examples to critically evaluate the effectiveness of a range of key concepts relating to People Resourcing

As a consultant or HR specialist, report should show out employee wellbeing affect the mental health. Disadvantage and advantage. ‘

List arguments talk about employer should be pay attention about the wellbeing of their employee, including:
To address problems with productivity, attendance, standard of work, and turnover
To meet legal obligations
To avoid development of disciplinary problems
To maintain employees relations
To improve performance
Talking about stress and stress management


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Employee Mental Wellbeing

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