Elaborate on Prototyping

Elaborate on Prototyping

Focusing on the American Cancer Society “Current State Value Stream Map” from our class exercise, the “Design Thinking” guide posted in Module 5, and Point 2 on the Design Thinking Web Page and its 5:00 video on prototyping (you can also review at the 14:00 mark in the longer DT video on that page more about prototyping), please address the following in your answer:

Identify another specific (and in your eyes important) “pain point” or “change opportunity” in the current state VSM (please state it clearly in your answer right at the start, pick one we did not discuss in class, preferably one your group did not come up with either, and particularly nothing involving the Regional Office process boxes as we reviewed those fully), then apply the idea of “prototyping” from Design Thinking and suggest a specific way you would implement a prototype approach in addressing the specific pain point or change opportunity.

Thus, suggest a hypothetical action, experiment, or implementation step that would “bring to life” that design thinking aspect (prototyping) in the case of addressing the ACS pain point or change opportunity.

Given limited space, this answer requires getting right into the specific pain point and your prototyping idea. Please avoid any summary or repeating of class material in the answer to maximize the space for your idea. Remember, it needs to reflect what prototyping is, how it is done, and its value for process improvement generally.

Requirements: 250   |   .doc file

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Elaborate on Prototyping
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