Discuss diversity at Work

Discuss diversity at Work

Diversity at Work

You work for a company that recently announced a merger, which will combine your organization with one across the country. While you do similar work, the culture within each organization is very different.

You have been asked to prepare a presentation for your team on the importance of considering diversity in communication as you prepare for the merger. Please prepare a PPT presentation that will address the importance of considering diversity in communication. Be sure to create one slide for each of the topics below and use the notes section to offer speaking notes, including two relevant citations

Using the Unit 6 Assignment Template, please respond to the following:

Slide 1: Title Slide

Slide 2: Define diversity.

Slide 3: Provide three reasons to consider diversity at work.

Slide 4: Identify a minimum of two examples of diversity in the workplace that should be considered.

Slide 5: Explain how diversity can influence our interpersonal communication at work.

Slide 6: Provide two guidelines for how to engage in the workplace with those who are different from ourselves, while still demonstrating respect for those differences.

Slide 7: References

This Assignment assesses the following Course Outcomes:

CM206-3: Define effective interpersonal communication in diverse contexts.

GEL-7.02: Apply ethical reasoning to ethical issues within the field of communication.

PC-4.3: Apply concepts of multiculturalism and diversity to become an agent of change.


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Diversity at Work