Dissertation Proposal for Environmental Studies

Dissertation Proposal for Environmental Studies

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Subject:Environmental Studies

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please find the attached of A Research Project Proposal on the Environmental Impact from Oman Cement Factory, Muscat ,rewriting as per criteria assugment and fill in dissertation Proposal Document which is attached in attach files

 1  Part 1: The Proposal

  2 Proposed Dissertation Title

Research Rationale

What is the purpose of your research?

  1. Aim(s) and Objectives
  1. A Brief Literature Review

Place your dissertation in context with the existing literature and identify gaps 

in the knowledge  that your project addresses (1,000 – 1,500 words)

  1. Element of Originality

Explain in what way(s) your proposed research can be considered to be original work

  1. Proposed Programme of Work

Describe in detail the methods and techniques which you intend using to gather, analyse and present your data (including timescales)

  1. Facilities, Equipment and Permissions / Authorisations

Provide details of the facilities, equipment and any permission/authorisation that you require to undertake the research (including any monetary costs

  1. References

Provide references in the Harvard Style.

Part 2: Ethics Checklist

All activities – undergraduate, postgraduate, research, commercial, knowledge transfer, evaluation, audit or teaching and learning – need ethical consideration.

This checklist will identify whether a project requires an application for ethics approval, and to which committee it should be referred to.   No field work, experimentation or work with participants can start until approval is granted. The questions should be completed in consultation with the supervisor of the proposed project.

Principal Investigators, or supervisors/Director of Studies, are responsible for ensuring that all activities fall within the principles set down in the University Code of Conduct for Research and the University Ethical Principles for Teaching, Research, Knowledge Transfer, Consultancy and Related Activities. They are also responsible for exercising appropriate professional judgment in undertaking this review and evaluating the activity according to the criteria laid down in this checklist.

If, on completion of the checklist:

  • any question is answered ‘Yes’, then an application for ethical approval is required:-
    • For undergraduate and postgraduate taught projects, students should in the first instance discuss the project and ethical issues with their supervisor. Unless the project is considered to be ethically complex or of a sensitive nature (e.g. involves vulnerable populations) submission for ethical approval should be sought through the relevant School Ethics Committee or process.
  • all questions are answered ‘Noand you (the Principal Investigator) are not concerned with the ethical nature of the activity, then it is unnecessary to apply for ethical approval. However, it is still incumbent on you to observe the University’s Ethical Principles in the conduct of the activity and to record that:
    • a review has taken place of the ethical aspects of the activity; and that
    • either no ethical issues have been identified or ethical issues have been identified but that these have been addressed satisfactorily.


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