Discussion on “The girl rising”

Discussion on “The girl rising”

One of the resources that is optional for Project 1 is the documentary Girl Rising which discusses the barriers girls face in pursuing education. The nine girls covered in the film are from Sierra Leone, Haiti, Ethiopia, Afghanistan, Peru, Egypt, Nepal and Cambodia. Each girl had her story written by a writer from her country and voiced by renowned actors. Their stories reflect their struggles to overcome societal or cultural barriers when it comes to education. This source may be very useful to you when you are working on Project 1, so if you have the time and energy I definitely recommend watching this documentary.

If you do have time and effort to spend on watching it, and fill out the following questions, you can earn up to 15 pts of Extra Credit for the project. Each answer should be roughly 3-5 sentences.


  1. Which girl’s story or girls’ stories impacted you the most and why? Be specific.
  2. What was your biggest takeaway from the documentary? Why did it impact you?
  3. What does society gain from having a diverse educated population? (You may use evidence directly from the Girl Rising to answer this question.)

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