Discussion- Capitalism and Economic Development

Discussion- Capitalism and Economic Development

This brainstorming assignment is designed to help you develop your final presentation assignment. Copy the questions into the text box and answer three sets of questions, 15 in total. This assignment is worth 5 points. You will need to answer all 15 questions to get all 5 points. There are no wrong answers and it’s totally fine if your ideas are still provisional. At the bottom, we have some general information about the final presentation to help guide your imagination. You have until July 19th, 5 PM to submit this assignment.

Self-reflection and planning

  1. Brief statement of what you learned from the class: this could be about specific course material, research method, your style of learning, views and opinions etc.
  2. In what ways have your ideas about how you think about economy, economic life, and economics changed after taking this class? You can provide specific examples or a general response or pose questions.
  3. What are some of the things you are taking away from this course? Or can you name two things you have learned in this class that you think is of value beyond this class?

Choosing a theme for your presentation

  1. What theme/topic/question would like to prepare your presentation on? It does not have to be class module-based and can be pretty much anything that was touched upon in the readings/lectures/documentaries or a combination of some.
  2. What about the theme do you find inspiring/interesting/intriguing?
  3. Why would you like to share it with others?
  4. List the course materials which provide information on the theme that you will be drawing from in your presentation.
  5. Is there something about the theme would you like to learn more about?
  6. Do you feel equipped to do basic research on your own?
  7. Find and identify at least one external source related to topic by doing your own research.


You have two options, you can either:

  1. prepare the assignment/video as a regular class presentation.
  2. Or choose a wider audience that could be friends, family members, professional setting, high school students etc.

3. What information do you expect your audience is likely to know and not know about the topic?

4. What kinds of background information are you going to provide for your audience?

5. What would you like your audience to take away from this presentation?

Will also choose same guy for final presentation.

Requirements: 15 questions   |   .doc file

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