Discuss Wells Fargo during the scandal

Discuss Wells Fargo during the scandal

Wells Fargo During the Scandal


Part 1:  must be written as a case and must describe vs.analyze/recommend. Part 1 must be modeled after the cases read during the course, containing similar format and content. Part 1 must contain a case description of a large organizational change (one about which you are able to obtain significant information). Types of change might include mergers, acquisitions, downsizing, new strategic direction, globalization, public image failures macro-economic change, political/legal shifts, or some other type of organizational change.

Part 1: Work Culture at Well Fargo (sales culture) during the scandal.
Part 2 : must be a thorough analysis, with suggestions for change and recommendations for management interventions in the case from Part 1. This part of your Group Project must be modeled after your 2 Consulting Proposal assignments, each of which includes an analysis section and a recommendations section. In the analysis, apply course concepts to the case. In your recommendations, provide strategic, practical, and insightful actions for management. Part 2: Definition of Project (What happened at Well Fargo / our goal).


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Wells Fargo Case Study