Discuss the various aspects of cyber bulling.

Discuss the various aspects of cyber bulling.

Applying Sociology Paper #2
Purpose: This is a time when students can actually apply the material they have read in the book and we have discussed in class to their everyday world. This is a constructive learning tool because it not only allows students to develop their writing, but it also empowers students to voice their theories and opinions. However, it should not be used as a time to mock or condemn other cultures or others’ beliefs. I would encourage students to constructively criticize an issue with respect and not attack in an uneducated manner.


Select a social issue that when you started the class was believed to be a “private trouble,” but you have since learned that society is not helping with this issue and is in fact a public issue. I want you to develop your Sociological Imagination and consider how this issue may affect you.
I want students to research this topic using your textbook and other academic materials including the inclusion of at least 2 academic journal articles. I would encourage students use CTC library journal database and go beyond the Internet searches. I will NOT accept wiki sites, as they can be unreliable and not academic.
Questions I would like you to address when writing your paper. (These are a starting point. Please feel free, and I encourage you to, go above and beyond these questions. Also, if all of these questions do not fit your paper, then expand past them.)
What is the sociological issue that you are addressing?
Why did you pick this subject to write on?
Why did you feel that this was a private issue?
What role does society have in this issue? Explain and provide examples/supporting evidence.
Why is it important to study the issue in Sociology?
What does Functionalists think of the issue? Conflict theorists?
Why is it important to address the issue to the general public (outside of academia)?
What would be some of the potential positive consequences of addressing the issue?
What would be some of the negative consequences of addressing this issue?
Format: The assignment is to write a paper of at least 3 pages and no more than 6 pages. The majority of the paper should be your original thought with academic material supporting what you have to say, not direct quotations throughout the whole paper. The paper should be typed, double-spaced, one-inch margins, Headers should not exceed .5 inches from the top, size 12 Times New Roman font, and STAPLED. Any references to books, other than your textbook, you should cite this book with an internal citation and a bibliography page. (Guidance on how to cite can be located at http://www.bedfordstmartins.com/online/cite6.html.)

Grading: Students can potentially receive 100 points for this paper. Since the paper is worth as much as a test grade, I am expecting outside research on the subject area. The break down for points is as follows:

60 points – Content (Quality of Information, Amount of Information, and Organization)

10 points – Sources

10 points – Mechanics

10 Points – Going Beyond

word limit: 1161