Discuss the sharing economy in Uber transport company

Discuss the sharing economy in Uber transport company

Uber is one of the most visible companies utilizing the sharing economy platform, and an analysis of itsexpansion reveals the benefits and challenges ofthis model. Uber’s international expansion provides lessons about the dilemmas related to growth and international expansionbroadly and in the sharing economy context. Uber’s Asian expansion presents a window to challenges related to culture, regulations, finance, competition and technology. Uber, knowing that PCseniors understand the benefit of bringing a global mindset to problem solving, wishesto hire the students to provide a situation analysis and a recommendation for next steps. The deliverable is a 2-3page essay, together with a max of twopages of exhibits (12-font, double spaced).

The objective of the analysis is 1) to understand and explain the benefits and challenges of thesharing economy, 2) to compare the sharing economy as an alternative to the existing system, 3) to describe the challengesin implementing a US business model globallyand predict if Uber can be profitable overseas, 4) to compare Uber’s strategy and business model to its competitors.

Key Questionsand Requirementsfor the Executive Summaryand Class Discussion

1.How is the sharing economy characterized? What challenges does this economic model face? Can sharing economies go global?

2.What are Uber’s core competencies? How are they relevant?

3.What is Uber’s expansion strategy?What challenges does Uber face globally? Is its business vulnerableoverseas?Why or why not?

4.What are the challenges created by foreign governments? Can Uber overcome the challenges?Should it try to collaborate? If so, how?

5.Due to furious competition from rivals in global markets, should Uber leave these markets and focus only on the US? What are the pros and cons of Uber’s choice?

6.What detailed and specific recommendations would you make to Uber for next steps? What strategies should Uber implement to expand globally?

7.What are thekey lessons learned from Uber’s history for strategy development, decision making and execution?

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